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Business Guide

This practical guide to investing, working, and living in the Valencian Region provides answers to the questions that are frequently asked when deciding to open a business in a new location. It includes the procedures required to set up a business, and information about banking, as well as the region’s infrastructures, operating costs, business culture, tax policy, and legal framework.


This guide showcases the advantages of choosing our region, not only in terms of investment - there are over 490 subsidiaries of foreign companies and more than 12,000 companies which have foreign capital shareholdings in our region -, but also as one of the best places to live – 15.6% of foreigners that live in Spain have chosen to reside in the Valencian Region. The Valencian Region is the ideal environment for making new projects, ideas, initiatives, and experiences viable and successful.
Our region is strategically located on the Mediterranean Arc, which makes it one of the direct access routes to Europe. This goes hand in hand with modern infrastructures, a stable institutional climate, a mission to lead based on a growing economy, and excellent wellbeing and quality of life of its inhabitants. This makes for a superb background for new businesses and projects.

This guide shows how easy it is to invest in the Valencian Region, and the favourable environment for investment that has been created. As an example, we can say that the Valencian Region has over 188 million square metres of industrial land on 660 industrial estates, which gives investors an idea of the region's entrepreneurial character and its industrial tradition.

The Valencian Region government works hard to enable new business projects to set up operations in the region. One of the measures that has been implemented includes the marketing of 400,000 square metres of public industrial land at no cost in different business parks in the provinces of Castellon, Alicante, and Valencia.

The main objective of this Business Guide is to facilitate investment in our region, dividing the relevant information into the following sections:
1- Introduction
2- Support for foreign investors
3- Legal and accounting framework for investment
4- Labour framework
5- Tax framework
6- Organisations and information of interest

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