Competitive and full of talent

The Valencian Region has a highly productive and competitive business and professional environment, with a highly qualified workforce.

  • According to the OECD, Spain, together with Sweden, Greece, and Ireland, are the most competitive economies:
    • in terms of unit labour costs and
    • in terms of industrial energy supplies (gas for industry and telecommunications) which are cheaper than in Europe.
  • Salaries in the Valencian Region are
    • 15% lower on average than in Barcelona./li>
    • 21% lower on average than in Madrid.
    • These differences go up to 40% for highly qualified staff.
  • Setting up an office in Valencia on industrial land can generate savings of up 90%, compared to Madrid.

InvestCV Competitive and full of talent

Another key factor for business competitiveness is a propitious R&D&I environment. In the Valencian Region, innovation policies for R&D have been strongly supported as a tool to drive the economy, and to help companies become more competitive.

  • The consolidation of a powerful network with 11 technology centres (REDIT), a scientific research centre network with its own research centres, and the promotion of innovation and development projects.

The Valencian Region has the following academic institutions:

    • Five public universities.
    • Six private universities.
    • Five science parks located inside the universities.
  • Valencia is the fourth city in the human resource category, behind Oslo, Amsterdam, and Helsinki1.

1TOP 10 published in the FDI Intelligence report “European Cities and Regions of the Future 2012-2013”.

  • Another initiative to promote R&D&I is the Valencian Region University Network for the Promotion of Research, Development, and Innovation (RUVID):
    • RUVID has promoted the signing of a cooperation agreement between the five public universities in the Valencian Region, and two private Valencian universities (CEU and the Catholic University of Valencia).
    • Its aim is to promote scientific research, technological development, and innovation in all areas.

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