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The Valencian Region is strategically located on the Mediterranean Corridor, one of the priority axes for the Trans-European Network that is connected to the Central Corridor and the branches on the Atlantic Corridor. This exceptional location, along with our robust infrastructure network, provides fast access to domestic and European markets.

The Valencian Region is located on a strategic crossroads in the Iberian Peninsula, between northern Europe and North Africa on one hand, and between Asia-Middle East and the Pacific Atlantic, on the other.

High-speed railway lines (AVE) that connects Valencia, Alicante and Castellón with Madrid in 110 - 190 minutes.

Strong Road Network: The Region of Valencia is connected by road to the rest of Spain and Europe through a network of fast roads.

The Region of Valencia is connected by road to the rest of Spain and Europe through a network of fast roads. One notable example is the A-3 which reaches Madrid in 3.5 hours and from there links up with the rest of the motorways connecting all of the other major Spanish cities.

The A-7 (E-15) crosses the Region of Valencia along the Spanish Mediterranean connecting France with Algeciras. The approximate distance from Valencia to France is 500 km and takes an average of 5 hours.

The Region of Valencia is part of the Mediterranean Corridor Project, the main railway from France to Andalucía. It is used by local, medium-distance and long-distance passenger trains and goods trains.

It is also part of the Cantabria-Mediterranean Corridor, which improves connections between Valencia and Aragon and the Bay of Biscay, and strengthens connections between the ports of Sagunto, Valencia and Bilbao.

Solid Port system: there are 5 ports in the region: Port of Castellon; Port of Alicante; and ValenciaPort.

Valenciaport, is the public body responsible for running and managing three state-owned ports along an 80km stretch of the Mediterranean coast in Eastern Spain: Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia. It offers a complete network of connections with major world ports thanks to:

· Over 100 regular lines, which include the world’s largest shipping companies with connections to over 1,000 ports throughout the world.
· Multiple regional connections that give Valenciaport an extensive capillary network for goods transport.

3 International airports: Three airports in the region, located in each of our provinces, give full support to over 20 million passengers per year and over 18 million tons of cargo.

All of them are well connected to the main cities by ground transport.Valencia airport, located eight kilometres to the west of the capital, is currently an essential facility for the economic development of the area that it serves.

InvestCV Open to the world



InvestCV Open to the world

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