• Strong economy
  • Open to the world
  • Competitive and full of talent
  • An entrepreneurial region
  • Quality of life
  • Oportunities


The main BUSINESS SECTORS in the Valencian Region can be divided into:


>> The automotive industry

>> The chemical industry

>> The plastics industry

The tourism industry

  • 514 kilometres of coastline which make the Valencian Region a major tourist destination.
  • 23 million tourists, with 17 million domestic tourists, and 6.5 million foreign tourists.
  • Main countries of origin: Norway and Belgium. Important increase in the Russian market.

>>The food and agriculture industry

  • It is the third exporting region with 14% of the Spanish total.
  • There are 1,988 companies in the Valencian Region’s food industry, representing 7% total of the Spanish total.




  • The Valencian Region has excellent shipping links on the main Mediterranean routes and superb road links.
  • Logistics is a key differentiating factor, and is a very important part of the region’s economy. We are competitive in sectors in which transport is of specific importance.
  • Our know-how in food and agriculture logistics (the region's leading export sector) enables us to work with minimum stock and reduce times between the different stages in the value and supply chain, which is essential for fresh produce.

Senior services and health

  • The Valencian Region is the main destination for EU citizens wishing to buy residential property in Spain.
  • The Valencian Region is a solid investment project within a framework that offers all the technical and legal guarantees.
  • The main buyers come from the United Kingdom and Russia (purchases made by Russians in 2013 rose considerably), followed by Algeria, Norway, France, and Belgium.


  • In 2014, exports were around €242 million.
  • It is the third exporting region with 9% of the Spanish total.
  • High potential in the field of new technologies, with the possible creation of a cluster in the former port passenger terminal.

Technology-based companies

  • These companies base their activity on the applications of new scientific and technological discoveries to generate new products, processes and services.
  • These fast-growth companies are highly focused on innovation and are managed by technological experts.
  • They normally have important needs such as capital, and sales and management support.
  • A way to attract investment could be via alliances with the main creators of technology-based companies, i.e. science parks, business accelerators, and research centres.

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